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I don’t want to text everyday

2022.01.20 06:05 Narrow-Technician-62 I don’t want to text everyday

I am someone who loves spending time in person, doing things together. Quality time is definitely a top love language for me. I like texting with friends having back and forth banter, randomly sharing things, thoughts, pictures. However I don’t want to do it everyday. I’ve found in many relationships no matter how long I’ve known the friend if we hit it off and connect we’ll text in the above manner, the problem for me is I enjoy it until its day after day every couple hours. Like thats a lot of time and attention required to be present and thoughtful. I have found I am usually the one in the dynamic that will wait longer to text back and not because I care any less than they do or I feel my time is more valuable- absolutely not. I just don’t feel it necessary it feels inauthentic to me because I’ll text when I think of something that reminds me of them, I want to share, things I think they may enjoy or will make them laugh. Random thoughts but its all organic like I texted to start a conversation and connect. I love when my friends do the same! When it gets to be like a string of conversations that never have a definitive end of beginning it becomes overwhelming- Sometimes I don’t want to text anyone for a day-to a couple days. I have other things I want to focus on and that doesn’t mean I don’t care I care so much about the people I consider friends. In the past when I don’t respond for a few days or wait hours to respond I get a lil self conscious they think I’m playing games or disinterested it stems from having in the past having friends stating that. I think its more of having a secure/sometimes avoidant attachment. Anyways I’ve tried setting boundaries, communicating that its not personal I am invested and its been met with ghosting or anger. The bad seeds weed themselves out. I guess what I am posting for is really advice and validation that I am not the only one who doesn’t want to be texting 24/7 and yet has felt in some instances side lined by friends due to them not being a focus everyday of my life. Which is ridiculous in my opinion cause I think everyone should be their top priority in their own lives. Thats just me though. Would love to hear similar experiences or thoughts! Have a nice day:)
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2022.01.20 06:05 tentationscheme77 The left eats itself. From the BBC, if you didn't believe the African scientists when they said its a mild varient, you're a racist.

The left eats itself. From the BBC, if you didn't believe the African scientists when they said its a mild varient, you're a racist. submitted by tentationscheme77 to TheBidenshitshow [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 06:05 bluebetaoddeye 220120 youngji_02 - Yves on Lee Youngji Instagram Story update

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2022.01.20 06:05 DokCyber I recently took a pole: 99% of people are annoyed when their tents fall down

I recently took a pole: 99% of people are annoyed when their tents fall down
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2022.01.20 06:05 Jeffmister Premiership Rugby seals new partnership with ITV Sport

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2022.01.20 06:05 wumbuloid Super interesting and charming individual

Living has always been a large part of my life. I was born at an incredibly young age and ever since then I've been alive. For the past 19 going on 20 years, I cannot recall a moment where I wasn't alive.
I love wet paper towel creatures. I love money and free things. I love ancient or celestial esoteric knowledge. I love dreams. I love people too, even bad ones. I only hate two things in the entire world!! I like discord over reddit so if we get along go there preferably.
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2022.01.20 06:05 tr4nl0v232377 Manifesting for someone else?

So, long-story short: I'm following the Bible and Neville Goddard, I applied the teachings to my Catholic practice and God blessess me every day. I'm pretty successful with what is called here "LoA", but I'm wondering about using the techniques for someone else. I've encountered some ideas that's not possible, but I'm not sure what to do about this particular thing.
My dad is a teacher and he's not happy about his job, but he's 50+ and the stability, money and safety is what keeps him hooked. He has an idea for a business and me and my wife try hard to support him, but he is really blocked - keeps finding excuses or blocks manifest for him. He was abused by alcoholic dad and he's one of the type "I will get crucified for others, but God forbid I'll do something for myself".
Can I manifest something for him and how would I do it? I tried scripting, but what came up was the idea for the business and I can see a lot of blocks that stopped the momentum. All I can think of is somewhat hiring him when my company lifts off, but I prefer to keep it as a plan B - I'd love for him to set up his own thing.
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2022.01.20 06:05 crytoloover Polygon WILL 9000% HERE IS WHY?? - MATIC PRICE PREDICTION - SHOULD I BUY MATIC?

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2022.01.20 06:05 CMDR_Vadim_En Did it start? Message from Aegis

Strange objects were found near Wregoe SC-X b29-2, in system from 15ly from it.
What do you think?
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2022.01.20 06:05 valley5pineapple Evite Promo Code

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2022.01.20 06:05 NFTsPool 🎉Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash giveaway!🎉

🎉Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash giveaway!🎉 🎉 Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash Giveaway! 🎉
Just like the post and join the Discord for more information. Over $10,000 in prizes are up for grabs.
What is Meta Moguls? Meta Moguls is a collection of 5000 aspiring moguls designed by BREYDEN | Lead Artist and soon minted as NFTS. The collection offers its owners long term value by entering into an exclusive community of creators and visionaries. A Meta Mogul NFT grants access to member benefits such as airdrops of our native token, social events, chats with business influencers, MetaMogulsDAO, brand partnerships, startup funding, merch, giveaways and more!

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2022.01.20 06:05 starwarsleiarocky Cabelas Promo Code

Here is Cabelas Promo Code. You can find best Cabelas Promo Code for online shopping. The discount codes, offers and promo codes are free on this website. You may take advantages of all daily deals, sales and coupons.
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2022.01.20 06:05 AnishJimenez The Iconic Master Chef

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2022.01.20 06:05 godyaev What does 'germanization' mean in nazi parlance?

I know that the nazis had a pseudoscientific racial theory where they emphasized importance of preserving purity of german blood. I know about "jews will poison germans via intermarriages if left alone" rhetorics, also I know that the Slavs were vied as subhumans. Generalplan Ost Wikipedia page says that 35% of Ukrainians were to be "germanized". What does this term mean? Does this mean that a germanized person becomes a german national or they would become slaves or something else? Why wouldn't they just evict all presumed subhumans and prevent any blood mixing?
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2022.01.20 06:05 Kidplayer_666 Hey, anyone wanna dm? (16M)

I’m sick today, I like politics, gaming, and reading. Filler filler filler just in case
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2022.01.20 06:05 pinkpinkandmorepink really really attractive trait: knowing when to shut the fuck up

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2022.01.20 06:05 Yellowrosestems Hey

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2022.01.20 06:05 jana000 Amikor nyilván több pénz ment a marketingre, mint a játék fejlesztésére

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2022.01.20 06:05 reddoorbinge how do you avoid getting attached !?

I honestly think I have a problem (I know I have a problem). If I click with a guy I’ve gone on some dates with I feel so attached and although I know Im not ready for a relationship (still would like to try) I can’t help but think about them and want to see them, hear back from them, and feel hurt when I find out they are seeing other people.
I was doing some healthy social media stalking (we all do it cmon) of the guy I’ve gone on a few dates with and found a girl he’s also been going on dates with (don’t ask how I know I hate myself for how nosy I am, I just know).
I honestly don’t see anything serious with him and more than anything would love to be the type of person to be able to casually date but it just doesn’t happen for me. Im not in a place where I can genuinely commit to a relationship and wanna know if anyone has any advice on how to detach myself and be more carefree and avoid feeling hurt in these situations.
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2022.01.20 06:05 Irongavel Is Brass attacks intentionally unobtainable?

Long time lurker, just wanted to confirm somethings and hopefully get the eyes of the community on this issue. I was unable to play during season of the chosen, but bought the full year season pass and backtracked through the content. I've had no issues with this except for when it comes to the Brass Attacks sidearm, whose drop is locked behind progression in the season pass. Without getting this initial drop, it will not drop from umbral engrams, chosen activities, tier 2 focusing of the chosen engrams, etc. My understanding looking through support threads is that a similar issue blocked acquisition of Threaded Needle, but was fixed. At this point in the season however, it looks like Brass Attacks will not be made acquirable.
I am okay with it being a season exclusive gun, but when I've been able to go back and acquire every other gun such as Threaded Needle and DMT, it really burns me to not see any official confirmation that Brass Attacks is intended to be exclusive. Has anyone had any luck acquiring Brass Attacks without the Season Pass Progression, or has anyone found official confirmation that it's supposed to be exclusive? Going back to lurking and farming battlegrounds.
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2022.01.20 06:05 microwave98 should i build me deck up or reset my account?

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2022.01.20 06:05 BradWurscht Depuis 2018, la République Démocratique* du Congo est le premier pays francophone, devant la France.

Depuis 2018, la République Démocratique* du Congo est le premier pays francophone, devant la France. submitted by BradWurscht to rienabranler [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 06:05 CammieBay Just want to share my story, hope this helps someone

So I was born as a baby boy, during my childhood I always felt a bit alienated, I had progressive parents so I was able to play with what's considered boys and girls toys. Always liked to be able to do stuff considered for boys, and for girls, also at my time society were trying to sell the "everyone is equal" so I really think too much about my gender.
During puberty it got worse, basically I hated all the changed, and was always envious of the girls, I really wanted to have a feminine body, couldn't care less about men bodies. Still I loved sports, getting fit, but it was difficult to be constant since I could never reach gratification: my body always looked meh because it wasn't what I want.
So I started "crossdressing", and it was fun for a while, but I realized that's not what I wanted. Started going into reddit, reading and asking... and ended up transitioning.
I had HRT, SRS, and in each step I felt a lot better about me. My self esteem was greatly improved.
Then, after 5/6 years, I stopped trying to hide all masculine features, being so self aware of my body "issues", trying to "pass", all that crap. And realized how toxic that was.
So nowadays I felt a bit angry at society, because I don't really have the desire to tell or force others into calling me a woman, female, biological female, or hiding that I'm a male/man. But at the same time our society is not ready for that kind of talk, for people who really want to live beyond the genders, the labels.
So I'm in that point in the life in which I love what I did, I like my body, I don't consider the surgery or HRT a failure or a wrong decision, what I don't like is this asinine discussion about trans people being assimilated into cis people, because being outed can mean losing your job, friends, sometimes being killed.
I fell bad having "to lie" to people and tell them either that I'm a woman, or a trans woman, just to fit into society. Because if I tell them "I'm just a guy who likes what's considered feminine body, but I'm also what's considered a tomboy" they will think I'm crazy oand not know what to do with me.
Even while writing this, I'm not sure if I really fit the desisted/detrans labels either. I don't hate the path that I chose, I'm glad of being able to physically transition, I just wish I could be 100% honest with people, stop trying to shoehorn trans woman with cis woman just a way of fitting into society, etc...
It makes me angry that in the end, the greatest lie of all is that this is not about being true to yourself, but finding the closest label you can fit so others can label you easily without having to do the extra work of really understanding you.
And that's why I hate this "transition" sh*t.
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2022.01.20 06:05 tkddn1041 Could I have a piece of advice for a Psychology major who wants to break into the HR/People or BI analyst role?

Hi everyone,

I am currently working as a recruitment coordinator at an amazing company. However, while the work environment has been fantastic, I realized I really don’t see myself as a recruiter after working for a few months.
I have always been interested in analytical roles, such as HPeople analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, etc. So I have been wondering if I should go back to school full-time and get a student loan of 70k (45k tuition + 25k living expenses) for a Master's program (1-year program) in business/management analytics so I can switch my career as an entry-level analyst. I would appreciate your advice/insights!

Here is my background:
- Located in eastern Canada
- Current student loan from undergrad: 14k
- Finished my undergraduate in Psychology last year. I have taken some coding and statistics classes as electives and loved them.
- Currently working as a recruitment coordinator (less than 1 year of experience)

I am not sure the work experience as a recruitment coordinator will necessarily count as experience when entering an entry position in HPeople Analytics if I stay in the current role. Or Business analyst / Business intelligence route. So, I feel like I might be wasting my time in a role that might not lead anywhere else, especially since it does not seem like I will have an opportunity to take on an analytical project in my current company. I thought about working full-time while pursuing a Master's part-time but the Master's program I am interested in does not offer a part-time opportunity. Also, I am really not sure whether it is worth staying in a current role if I have to start from scratch eventually once I switch into an analytical career...
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2022.01.20 06:05 ScarHydreigon87 Get ratio’d you indecisive mollusk

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