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2022.01.20 05:49 iccaecumsa 🐶 Viking Shiba- Just Launched - Low Fees - 1000x Gem - Trending On Twitter, 7% Doge Rewards 🔥


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🐶 TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Viking_Shiba

Verified Contract: 0x6d4f6ed92136f3a362084fc6eab55e27897da63c

Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6d4f6ed92136f3a362084fc6eab55e27897da63c

LP Locked: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/record/15322?chain=BSC
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2022.01.20 05:49 Triumph33 Its geeks bc he really tried parking by parking in reverse💀

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2022.01.20 05:49 Niafron Un sénateur veut rémunérer auteurs et éditeurs en taxant chaque revente de livre d’occasion

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2022.01.20 05:49 jamie_is_autistic Headphones and lobe piercings

As an autistic person with sensory issues, I wear active noise cancelling headphones when in public places. These are not optional for me. They are over-the-ear headphones and don’t seem to really touch my ears. I want to get basic lobe piercings but am concerned about them touching the headphones and not healing properly. I would use simple flat back labret studs to keep the jewelry relatively small, but still long enough to allow for swelling. I tend to swell quite a bit with piercings. I am not new to piercings, I have a septum, low labret, and a couple other body piercings but nothing in my ears yet. Anyone have experience with fresh lobes and headphones?
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2022.01.20 05:49 KingTossingIII Question about selling codes?

I have two Premier codes, and sadly, I'm not sure I'll be attending this year since Covid is still quite prevalent. I see people here have been selling the codes, but the email says they are non-transferable? How does this work? Are they somehow linked to me, or can I actually sell them?
Please note, I haven't 100% decided to sell yet, but I am strongly considering.
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2022.01.20 05:49 BullHorn7 How to copy content between pages?

I had to lasso and copy some stuff between pages, but I can't figure how to do it, the content just won't leave the page.
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2022.01.20 05:49 The-One-Ambitious Gangeswari Temple in Odisha, India

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2022.01.20 05:49 OkBrilliant7514 Zeugnis fälschen oder nicht einreichen?

Hallo ich möchte eine Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker machen bei einem großen Konzern wie Daimler, Amazon oder VW. Ich habe Abitur und meine Noten sind auch ganz okay, ich denke nicht dass es daran scheitern würde.
Aber sie wollen nicht nur mein Abitur Zeugnis, sondern dazu noch meine letzten vier Zeugnisse und da gibt es ein Problem, da ich auf dem letzten Zeugnis 20 unentschuldigte Fehlstunden haben wegen einem Missverständnis mit einem sturen Lehrer (Auf den restlichen drei Zeugnissen habe ich 0 unentschuldigte Fehltage).
Also was soll ich tun? Da ich es digital einreichen muss, könnte ich aus den 20 eine 0 machen ohne dass es auffällt mit bloßem Auge. Aber wird das kontrolliert?
Oder ich sage ich habe das Zeugnis verloren und bitte um Verständnis? Würden sie dann sagen "Unterlagen nicht eingereicht" und deshalb mich ablehnen? Denn dazu kommt noch, dass ich wirklich 2 der 4 Zeugnisse nicht mehr finden kann und die Schule diese nicht neu ausstellen will (ja ist wirklich so, fragt nicht mich warum) - also würde ich im Endeffekt nur 1 von 4 Zeugnissen einreichen + das Abiturzeugnis.
An sich reicht das Abiturzeugnis aber, um die Noten zu erfahren.
Dort steht alles an Noten und Leistungen usw. drauf, außer die Fehlstundenanzahl. Aber ich habe halt die Befürchtung, dass sie wenn ich nur dieses einreiche sagen, ich hätte die Unterlagen nicht eingereicht und deshalb mich ablehnen.
Also was tun? Fälschen, Nicht einreichen und sagen "Ich habe es verloren" oder einreichen und hoffen dass man mich 20 Fehlstunden annimt (was extremst unwahrscheinlich ist)?
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2022.01.20 05:49 svanapps r/CryptoCurrency - CCIP-025 - Algorithmic MOONs Pricing for Reddit Special Membership

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2022.01.20 05:49 GrotesqueSteve I don't give a damn about Your Ro-Bows, Chase Variants or Heartbreaker Buckshots, Mega Bloks Glumshanks is the true treasure of humanity

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2022.01.20 05:49 ahundredheys It might help out if you try to convince someone that they're in a cult.

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2022.01.20 05:49 R_Jay101 I wonder how bad things have to get before the communist party stop seeming so radical

Its clear the democrats arent going to do anything about the status, maybe communists getting 5%-10% of the vote would scare them into actually doing something?
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2022.01.20 05:49 inappropriateFable [Discussion] What do you wish you did differently when starting out?

Hi all,
I'm going to be working on some documents to stick in the sidebar, and wanted to turn to the community for input.
For this first post, I have a simple question: What would you have done differently when you first started in the hobby?
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2022.01.20 05:49 beans9222 I lost the last 2 weeks of ETH I mined.

Hello, I'm fairly new to mining and I'm still kind of learning exactly how the staking pool works, and how payout's work as well. Over the holiday my girlfriend got my a shiny new Ledger to put my crypto on, so naturally I wanted to put it on my ledger. I did switch over to mine to the address of my ledger. However when payout time came yesterday, I clicked payout settings and chose OKEx Chain this time instead of Ethereum as it was advertising a "free withdrawal".
To my surprise, I never received the ETH payment to my Ledger. Now, I only have 1 GPU mining so people have definitely spent more in Gas fees than I lost today. But that doesn't mean I don't want to learn exactly what I did wrong.
Looking up OKEx Chain, it states OKX products arent available in United States due to local laws and regulations. Maybe that's mainly the Exchange side of the website, because MetaX looks like a wallet we can use in the states.
If anyone could possibly explain it to me, I'd be grateful. Any tips or tricks are also welcome. I also have a transaction Hash from oklink if that helps at all.
Anyways, thank you for any help!
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2022.01.20 05:49 510benihana H: Q2525 regular plasma rifle (getting buffed soon!) W: Offers

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2022.01.20 05:49 SHADOW_DIO what mod causes this problem

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2022.01.20 05:49 nikos600781 ΚΕΡΚΥ - WHAT?

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2022.01.20 05:49 whispereyenews "We have given NUP space to operate because they thought we were doing nothing. What is Bobi Wine doing now? " Nathan Nandala - Mafabi #Uganda #UgandaNews #WhisperEyeNews There is a serious crisis within the opposition especially between the two leading parties the National Unity Platform and the

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2022.01.20 05:49 Gingey0505 Death guard advice

Hey all,
I'm brand new to Death guard, managed to get my hands on the death guard half of dark imperium a couple of years ago and only just out then together. Now kicking myself for taking so long to do so because I've fallen in love with the models! So I currently have 7 marines, mortarions chosen, pox walkers and a foetid bloat drone.
I have a few questions:

  1. Are these models brand new (at time of dark imperium) and thus a different size to older models? I'm also an avid space wolves collector, and while I love all the Sona of Russ, a massive pet peeve of mine is the size difference between primaris and older models, I don't like the size difference when they're both on the table playing.
  2. If they are different sizes to older ones, can you advise me as to what other models are the same size so I can keep them uniform?
  3. Any advice on next models to get?
Cheers everyone.
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2022.01.20 05:49 Extaze9616 New player looking to learm

New at Hearthstone battleground, I'm at around 5k mmr right now... I'd like to either find someone I could play with or maybe someone who could coach me at least so I am not too bad?
Tried watching a few twitch streamers but I get lost and don't understand why they do what they do and they often don't explain it (or their chat just goes too fast for me to understand it)
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2022.01.20 05:49 PikaAbeille Sisteron, France.

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2022.01.20 05:49 ConfectionAncient846 Clue That Misty is Currently Involved in the Cult?

Right after Nat put the gun to her chin, the three presumed cult members busted in and grabbed her. When was the last time someone busted into Nat's motel room at the exact perfect moment? When Misty busted in right before Nat relapsed on coke.
These two instances are strikingly similar. Does Misty still have a hidden camera in Nat's motel room and is still constantly watching her? Or working with the cult and one of them at least is constantly watching her?
If Misty having a hidden camera still in there is the reason those three people busted in at the end of episode 10, that could show us that Misty is secretly working with Lottie in the present day.
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2022.01.20 05:49 ApprehensiveCod1788 cries in ucla

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2022.01.20 05:49 Lorsec [Minor TBoBF spoilers] Latest TBoBF episode elegantly connects the original and Special Edition Sarlacc Pit

Something I noticed after watching yesterday's episode was that this show manages to make both appeareances of the Sarlacc Pit we saw in the OT canon.
The Sarlacc we saw originally was just this big hole with some teeth stuck to the side and nothing much more that unfortunate people with Jetpacks or without the name Lando Calrissian fall into. The Special Edition Pit had the same teeth as well as effect on people around her, but we had the mouth and tentacles added to it to give it more of a monster feeling than a stationary Dune sandworm in miniature form.
The sarlacc potrayed in the episode showed us at first the original version where just the teeth and hole were visible. Only as the Slave One (or Firespray, not sure what we are supposed to call it right now) approaches it and looks into the maw of it with its searchlight does the Pit awake and the tentacles and mouth becomes visible and active.
Therefore one can conclude that the first version we were shown of the sarlacc was the pit being inactive/asleep, the second one being the pit active.
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2022.01.20 05:49 trollingurl89 Just upvoted everyone, can I get some love to?

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