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2021.10.26 08:28 AgentofMaine [Sekai Oni]

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2021.10.26 08:28 ASICmachine Tesla may start accepting BTC again - SEC filing (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.26 08:28 peralimonera How bad of a housewife is Jenny

Ok, Jenny is by no means smart in her decision to stay with Sumit when he's shown no clear intention of actually marrying her. But a lot of the criticism I see directed at her cleanliness and way she interacts with her in-laws is coming from people who really have no real knowledge about the complexities of life in India and the traditional family dynamic. And clearly Jenny didn't fully understand this either when she decided to live with Sumit in India.
Yes the kitchen definitely could have been tidier with the stuff on the countertops moved out of the way and the surfaces better cleaned. But I can tell you that sink that they have will NEVER be sparkling or spotless because of the material it's constructed of and its age. That sink basin isn't a singular uniform piece it's multiple slabs of stone arranged together and that dirt in the cracks will never fully be removed just by scrubbing. I've stayed in houses in Central and S America with kitchen sinks built of a similar design and material and there's no amount of scrubbing that could fully lift the dirt that settles into the cracks. The floor is also old and would probably need to be stripped and redone before it'd look spotless. I think a lot of people making these condescending disparaging remarks about the kitchen cleanliness are doing so from the safety of their stainless steel modern appliance kitchens who've never stayed in an older home in a developing country.
Also acclimating and fulfilling the demands of a traditional Indian MIL is a notoriously difficult process for even native born Indian women, let alone an American woman who's spent the whole 60 years of her life accustomed to very different standards. Traditionally a couple moves into the husband's parents house following marriage where the MIL spends months schooling the new wife on how to do housekeeping and cooking to her exacting standards. Afterwards she would be responsible for essentially the entire household upkeep unless the family has the means for a live-in maid. Many times this traditional arrangement has developed into a not just openly hostile but abusive environment for Indian wives. This stuff is by no means a secret in Indian society. Should Jenny have known all this before deciding she wanted to spend the rest of her life living and married with Sumit in India, probably but he obviously did a poor job of warning and preparing her. She probably believed that they would enjoy a peaceful relaxing life on their own and Sumit did a good job of making her believe that instead of being forthright about all the things that would be expected of her from his family.
I had an Indian boyfriend whose parents were divorced with his mom moving back to India and his dad staying in the states. His dad appeared fairly accepting because by that point he'd spent a good amount of time living in the West and had previously been married to a Canadian. His mother on the other hand was a completely different story and things were essentially kept secret from her. Once she found out I knew there was no point in even trying to keep the relationship; it was not the only reason why I walked away but definitely the major one. A lot of Indian mothers save for the ones considered to be quite modern expect a "perfect" wife for their sons and that means (usually) Indian, fairly good looking, educated, and very clean + good at cooking which sometimes comes above all else. I think just about any Western woman would have difficulty fully meeting the demands of a traditional Indian MIL, not just Jenny. She probably rightfully receives ridicule for choosing to keep staying with Sumit but the critiquing of her housekeeping skills coming from people who've never been in a comparable position sounds a bit tone deaf.
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2021.10.26 08:28 Fjellvross "Aeronautica Imperialis" planes count as Eldar Spaceships? Yes or no?

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2021.10.26 08:28 New-Monitor7273 How would you book Liv Morgan's heel turn?

I think a solo heel run would be so beneficial for Liv Morgan's career, but i don't know how to go on about, i just know that I'd make her extremely bratty and entitled because she has the right look to play that career and i would place in a feud with face Sasha because why not? I feel like they could have a good tension / chemistry.
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2021.10.26 08:28 Miceandcheez WFL

Me: NFR Ninja Monkey (Adopt Me)
Them: sparkly sarong, moonlight goddess skirt, new parasol, dear dollie set, new teddy z, babydoll set, summer fantasy set, miss lady rose set and 100k (Royale High)
View Poll
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2021.10.26 08:28 ASICmachine IOTA launch groundbreaking smart contracts beta with zero fees! (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.26 08:28 ASICmachine People who reject the idea of cryptocurrencies because "they are not backed by anything", that's the whole point! (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.26 08:28 PeopleSuits Grungy Death Sludge, Accessible Metal for people who don’t like Metal

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2021.10.26 08:28 Morrigan_NicDanu Our Universe is Hell part 11

Jaymos, Tchon, Brian, Gráinne and the other humans have been watching the boarding and the trial on a view screen. They watch and listen to the Mórrígan as she begins to pronounce judgement on Me'hawl. In the background they can hear a strange music ramping up. It's a fevered electronic beat with sinister overtones that reaches a frenzy just as she begins to lower him in her jaw.
Different yet similar such songs begin to play as she goes down the line pronouncing judgement and disintegrating people. Omar speaks up saying “She would play Danganronpa music while executing people. She really went for a Junko vibe in her film. Which makes the anime that much more disturbing.”
This elicits a few chuckles. And shifting of sitting position that tells of a slight discomfort. Gráinne adds a shrug and says nonchalantly “Well it was rather fitting. And effective. Telling states to despair as she gored their man to death was quite the plot twist for them.”
There's more chuckles. The pair of aliens are mostly occupied watching the executions and ignoring the human banter. Abigail chimes in saying “Well served them right making those films using her likeness. Imagine dressing your enemy in loli shite and wanking to that. And then surprised when she actually shows up.”
Jaymos comes out of it and says relievedly “I was worried earlier.”
Before anyone can ask him what he was worried about he elaborates saying “For a moment I was worried she was going to put him in her vagina.” Everyone looks at him. “With the sharp teeth. I think her chomping on him that way would have been way more gruesome.”
Gráinne puts her head level with his, holds his hand and says “Sweety. I need to make sure you understand. Never put anything you don’t want disintegrated into the Mórrígan. Do not bug her to sleep with you. Her hardlight avatar forms around a swarm of nanites that have only two functions: disintegrate anything and build weapons. The both of yous nod if you comprehend.”
Very firmly and energetically Jaymos and Tchon nod with a clear fear plastered on their faces. There's a clear discomfort from the men, and some of the women, who readjust their sitting position. They've seen the pictures and videos of things she had done during the Cyber War. Back before she cleaned up as she killed.
The Mórrígan’s voice rings out in a gleeful malice over the ship speakers “Does anybody want to see what happened to the last guy that…”
There is a strong, loud, and unified chorus of “NO!” from everyone.
Poutingly in a fake hurt the Mórrígan says “Jaymos? You do have lessons on both psychological warfare and the Cyber War. And you'd gotten so hard for me last night. Wouldn't you want to watch my most famous porn film featuring me while I'm right next to you?”
Not that it is needed but all the humans are shaking their heads violently no to impress on Jaymos how much he does not want to see that. Jaymos starts shaking his head no almost instantly along with them. He says “I think I get the gist of it so no thank you very much.”
Very firmly a human male says “Now remember Mórrígan we have not lifted from you the promise you made. You are not to stick living things in your vagina or anus for the purpose of disintegration. You may consume whole and in an explicitly nonsexual manner those found guilty of particularly evil deeds. Anyone who tries to force themselves on you is free game and to be deleted.”
In her best mimicry of a disgruntled teenager she says “Yes dad.”
The man who had spoken tenses every muscle in his body as he weakly and softly says “please don’t call me that.”
This elicits an evil laughter from the Mórrígan after which she says contentedly “Okay.”
There's an awkward silence as everyone contemplates the AI of death. Jaymos breaks the silence by saying “So you humans really like your ancient media, huh? Did you stop making stuff or…?”
“Yeah we made more stuff but part of it is right now humanity is feeling nostalgic. Like the Star Wars series was rebooted despite the decline of alien scifi because it’s a timeless classic. It was also illegal in a lot of places before the last worlds war. Do naturally it was popular.” Gráinne explains and then begins munching on some snacks.
“I think you'd like Star Wars too.” Says Brian with a smirk. “Those lightsabers? The good guys use blue ones a lot.”
“What? Why would I…?” And then realization dawns on him. “Oh. Right. A timeless classic you say?” Jaymos says as he leans forward. Which elicits chuckles all around.
“It’s a story about the chosen one being delivered to a religious order but they're so dogmatic and clueless they have no idea what to do with him. Then the devil tricks chosen one into betraying all he fought for to deliver the devil unlimited power. His children then convince him to kill the devil later on.” Explains Brian leaning back in his chair.
“So I suppose Alucard is the devil in this story?” Jaymos asks trying to piece together the, to him, alien puzzle that is ancient human media.
“He's not. Not only a different series but an altogether different genre.” Gráinne explains. “Star Wars is a science fantasy space opera and Hellsing Ultimate is a supernatural animation with nazi vampires. Come to think of it Star Wars was Lucas calling the US nazis. Which fits rather well with the theme of fighting space nazis and fascists. We do a lot of nazis and fascist hiding in space, another dimension or universe.”
“So what’s the other reason?” Prompts Tchon as he looks away from the ongoing executions.
“Well the other bit is that since creativity isn’t hindered by money or time we can recreate whatever we want. All the old classics get remade in holographic form. There's faithful adaptations of ancient myths we have clay fragments of from more than 8,000 years ago. There's also… less faithful adaptations of stories. But yeah one could argue part of human nature is a memetic inheritance that we continually draw from." Answers Gráinne who, during the bit about less faithful adaptations, bends over a bit and presses her arms together in a way so that her cleavage deepens and protrudes further.
“Do you have fiction about rogue or evil AI?” Tchon wonders aloud.
“We used to have a lot of it.” Gráinne says thoughtfully. “But after the last Worlds War it'd be poor taste. Since rather than become sentient and kill us all they kind of fucked off and aided the groups that built a utopia. We still have some of the classics. The first two Terminators and the two Battlestar Galacticas. Bladerunner. We think they don't protest because they like it too.”
“You think the AI might enjoy stories about them wiping you out?” asks an exasperated Tchon who fails at returning to watch the executions.
Gráinne shrugs. “I think if they did it they'd be lonely without us. So I think its laughing at the scared monkeys.”
Which elicits a sinister giggle from the Mórrígan both through the ship speakers and also her avatar on the viewscreen.
Jaymos stands up real quick as he realizes “I'm on a haunted space ship! Evil laughing from a scary omnipresent AI with a hardlight avatar that can appear and disappear!” He then barks out laughing “Goddess have mercy on anyone who ever tries to take this ship by force for the Mórrígan won’t.”
“Mmh what disturbs me is she requisitioned a lot of printer time on the largest printer. She even put forth the matter for the project. “ Gráinne says absently which sends a chill down everyone's spine.
Brian perks up and says “How about some of us head over to the docking bay? Looks like they're wrapping up and Emer just texted me which bay they'll bring the new ship to.”
“Anything to procrastinate today's lessons.” Jaymos says and looks around the ceiling and then at the viewscreen. Indeed she had very quickly gone down the lines and was nearing the end. Neither give any sign that she is listening but Jaymos knows she heard. He stands up and says “Right then. Which way?”
Brian stands up and begins walking saying “Follow me.” Jaymos and Tchon follow after him with Abigail following soon after. Once out of earshot of the others Brian asks “So... how haunted do things get here?”
Jaymos shrugs and says “I mean ghosts are a decently rare occurrence but the longer they are around the more powerful they get. Old ghosts can do what you do with gravity field manipulation. It's actually quite uncanny. However with the rather gruesome deaths and the insistence on keeping skulls…”
“Ah. So any ways to fight or purge them?” Brian queries.
“Sure. Can't cross salt, don’t like iron, and a decent trip through the nether will… dislodge spirits. There's more advanced things can be done but I don’t understand them.” Jaymos answers. “Huh. Funny enough we got the iron and salt stuff correct. I suppose soon enough there'll be a resurgence of popularity for the show Supernatural. But we’ll make it a point to do trips through our universe to purge spirits after shite like this.”
Jaymos nods and begins to think about the ship full of refugees and how they'll be incorporated into his crew. They seemed to rather enjoy the execution so hopefully the transition would be smooth. His hope is that the positive feelings will overwhelm the inevitable existential dread they will feel about learning the origins and nature of their saviors.
Brian continues speaking to fill in the silence. “Though it'll be useful to leave some ships behind to become haunted as fuck.”
Tchon perks up and asks “So what's the number one cause of death for your species?”
Abigail speaks up saying “Permadeath? Suicide. It’s rare but sometimes people delete their saves and off themselves. Temporary death? Well… Connors deaths were um… from war.”
“I thought your species didn’t do war anymore?” Tchon says a bit confused.
“Real war? No. No one bothers. However… sometimes we engage in single combat or… historical re-enactments. Sometimes to sort out personal issues and sometimes as… aggressive negotiations. All willing participants under a code of conduct. This is why Connor has died several times.” Abigail answers hesitantly.
This revelation brings Jaymos back into the moment and he asks “Wait so you all live in a utopia and war and single combat are… sports?!”
Brian shrugs “Some people enjoy that. Utopia means different things to different people. I never understood it but I must admit that Connor can tell a good war story and I've seen him in single combat before. He's good at it and enjoys it.”
“You deranged fucking space apes! What is wrong with you?!” Tchon bursts out utterly exasperated.
“Space Orcs.” Abigail corrects. “The transportation has had very heated meetings over from what we know if we fit the qualification of space orcs or space elves. I believe we fir firmly in the Space Orc category. Our next mission will firmly demonstrate this.”
“Next mission?” Jaymos questions concernedly. He is sure he was told of no next mission.
“We did up a quick roster of cosplays we want to do. The next one is going to involve more steel and ancient warfare tactics.” Answers Brian with a smile. “I'm definitely on for the next mission. I hope you are paying attention to the Mórrígan’s lessons in combat because you will be joining us on away missions.”
Jaymos gulps at this realization. He had hoped that his position meant he wouldn’t have to go. That the lessons about single combat were more theoretical or for emergency situations.
“You too.” Abigail says pointedly to Tchon. “The both of yous need an understanding of what combat is like. You need to know what it is to take a life. To risk your own.”
After a bit more walking they come to a door. And wait. Puzzled by the waiting Jaymos asks “This is the door to the bay, yeah? Why don’t we go inside?”
“Redundancy.” Responds both Abigail and Bryan.
Brian continues “Yes we have shielding that can hold air in and the let ships in and out and yes we have a redundancy of mechanical doors. However we will wait here until the new ship has arrived and the door is closed.”
“So is your species always this paranoid?” Tchon asks unhappily.
“We've seen enough films where both the shielding and doors were sabotaged or became damaged and the people inside the room exposed to vacuum.” Brian states. He considers and then adds “Plus it’s not long anyhow. I can hear the doors opening.”
Jaymos and Tchon strained their ears. It took them pressing up against the door to hear the other doors opening.
Brian chuckles turns to Abigail and says with a large grin on his face “Its this that we're space elves.”
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2021.10.26 08:28 ASICmachine Shiba Inu gains 10% in 24H as Ethereum whale buys over $11M in SHIB (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.26 08:28 taniazhydkova Are there any ALIVE groups for c-level executives on Linkedin?

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2021.10.26 08:28 IamtherealJamoca Faction Notorious Title not working? 501 quests later, didn't receive it

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2021.10.26 08:28 Quicklearn38 2001 Recession: What it is and Why It Matters?

As the economy headed into recession in 2001, businesses faced a classic pattern: they were producing more goods than customers demanded, causing inventories to build up. Companies then adopted painful measures to get production back in line with sales by cutting payrolls and slashing capital spending.
Those austerity measures then radiated throughout the economy, as they do in economic downturns, reinforcing any weakness that already existed.
Full Audio: 2001 Recession
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2021.10.26 08:28 bignigb Looking for fics where the flying thunder god is naruto's signature move or at least fics where he learns it and uses it a decent bit

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2021.10.26 08:28 ASICmachine Fresh SEC filings from Tesla indicate the firm may be gearing up to resume accepting crypto for payment. (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.26 08:28 killHACKS Trump. Without question.

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2021.10.26 08:28 HeavenONE-Validator A Question for Stakers / Validators (Opinion)


I am looking for some opinion from the community.

How important is it that a validator has a website informing you about the technical aspects of the service they run?

And if its important to you, or not important, how come :)

I am going to be setting up a website and want to know if the community thinks this is important or not.

Thank you!
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2021.10.26 08:28 LeMads How do ASA projects benefit from staked YLDY?

I've read that yieldly supports projects by making liquidity accessible, but how exactly does my yieldly generate value for Opul and/or Smile?
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2021.10.26 08:28 ASICmachine Wallet maintenance on Binance.com (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.26 08:28 OtherAyachi Love that trope.

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2021.10.26 08:28 feygay I'm trying something out here (no scares, 30 second clip). I'm having to do it all on my Android as I don't have a computer atm. Does anyone have any recommendations for editing apps/software for Android?

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2021.10.26 08:28 Rasta-Lion I had to take Rasta to the vet. Full story in the comments.

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2021.10.26 08:28 ASICmachine Ethereum upcoming network upgrade helps coin outperform (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.26 08:28 No-Mango-7940 Hot water heater

Who do I call to come look at my hot water heater? I have been having problems with it. It's getting old and I would like to have someone come look at it and potentially fix it. Thank you in advance!
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