A poisoned Knight.

2021.09.22 06:59 Sean_A_D A poisoned Knight.

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2021.09.22 06:59 JasonBritt00 Welcome to Castle City, the Blue Jewel of the Commonwealth and Home of the Minutemen

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2021.09.22 06:59 Ex-Thunder About JAGDP situation

Everyone knows that vernam was just trolling JAGDP. But if he actually killed JAGDP, which punishment would he get? Will he get death penalty? (I make this post because I don't know if there is death penalty in russia or not)
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2021.09.22 06:59 Flying-Cock Snap COVID Presser at 1:30

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2021.09.22 06:59 loverleila looking for a sugar daddy to meet my needs. come chat with me 🤍 links in comments

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2021.09.22 06:59 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 06:59 bourbunz Could comment but not post

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2021.09.22 06:59 Akihikoo How to Transfer Funds From Coinbase to KuCoin—Simple Process

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2021.09.22 06:59 Grrrtttt15 Kann jmd ein Shirin discord Server machen der sich auskennt vitte

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2021.09.22 06:59 Talvish_Kairn Desired software features for upcoming updates

Hey everyone,
Every patch / update I always consider posting some thoughts on what I'd love to see in follow-on updates, so posting this time around.
This first set is really what I would consider 'quality-of-life' improvements based on my usage (in no priority order):

Here are a few other items that others have mentioned that I'd like to see:
Curious if others have similar desires or if there are things others would love to see.
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2021.09.22 06:59 mythic_kirby Chewing on a diceless mechanic

I had this idea for a particular premise for a new game and a mechanic to go along with it. I was wondering what you'd all think!
The game's premise is that, at some point, for some reason, the world changed to one where beliefs become reality. Thus, it the cause and time of the event just become whatever people believe :P. If beliefs conflict, the strongest wins, and beliefs apply only to the space around conscious beings. The game consists of PCs traveling through the world that a GM creates, pursuing their own goals and running into NPCs with beliefs that conflict with those goals.
Each character has some number of Beliefs, each consisting of a short description and a numerical value. The description is meant to be short, like "I can shoot lightning from my fingers" or "My voice carries authority." The number would usually be 1-10 or so for PCs.
The mechanic is a conflict-resolution mechanic. When there's some sort of conflict in Beliefs, or if a character wants to make something happen, you follow these steps:

  1. GM, or a player, poses a Statement that can either be true or false
  2. Each character chooses a Belief that is related to the Statement, and decides if that Belief would support the true or false side
  3. Everyone adds up the numerical values for all Beliefs supporting the true side and the false side, and compares the totals. GM adds extra to a side if perception or recent memory supports it (to avoid reality completely changing each contest) and even more to a side if it is believed by a large in-world population (to prevent starting players from up-ending an entire scenario)
  4. The side with the highest total becomes reality (ties are broken by player vote, and further ties are broken by the GM)
  5. Every Belief supporting the winning side gains a temporary +1 to its value, and every Belief supporting the losing side gains a temporary -1. This doesn't happen if there weren't at least one Belief on each side of the conflict.
I have some other ideas, like PCs gaining a pool of points they can use to temporarily raise their own Beliefs to gain an edge in a scenario, and for all temporary modifications and pool spends reset when a character takes a rest. But anyway, I'm wondering what you'd all think of a mechanic like this.
From my perspective, the cons are:
That death spiral in particular is the one I'm worried about most. I think there's some mitigation, though, since the Beliefs are free-form and interpretive.
The pros I see are:
But yeah! That's the mechanic. What do you all think? I think this'd be the primary mechanic for a pamphlet-style TTRPG, and I'm fascinated to see how it could play out. Do you think there's a glaring weakness that'd make it unworkable, or is it something worth testing out?
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2021.09.22 06:59 Starlord_1402 Pov: You're Perez in my team career mode seeing your teammate sabotaging your drivers' title charge

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2021.09.22 06:59 catandgames My first electric guitar. Yamaha Pacifica 112v. I'm so clueless on how to use this. 😅

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2021.09.22 06:59 ExcellentBluebird815 Has anyone tried the ESR Wireless Car Charger on iphone 13? How strong does it hold?

Im planning to upgrade to an iphone 13 pro max and im not sure if my current esr car charger will hold it strong the same for my iphone 12.
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2021.09.22 06:59 ShameUseful 60 dollar game btw

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2021.09.22 06:59 Character-Winner-410 Bozeman Women's March on October 2. If you're down, come on up!

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2021.09.22 06:59 Ok-Organization-2058 what happened to the animated script of wotw 2005

What happened to the animated script for wotw 2005 where "camelot" will be complete in 3D or is it a lost medium?
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2021.09.22 06:59 TahitiMangoFarmer2 Who do the talking heads in fallout 1 and 2 twitch so much?

I has watching a play through of fallout 1 and 2 and noticed the talking heads make these spastic moments and twitch. What’s up with that?
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2021.09.22 06:59 pvhanumanthu_art Oil painting RRR movie poster

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2021.09.22 06:59 ohvzfo New player team composition?

Hi I just started a couple days ago and I'm not too familiar with the team building strategies.
Could someone help me better understand? Or is auto good enough?
They're all level 17 right now, I have:
Hollyberry Cookie
Moon Rabbit Cookie
Chili Pepper Cookie
Latte Cookie
Mango Cookie
Raspberry Cookie
Espresso Cookie

I've been using Custard III as my healer in the rear spot...? Is that okay?
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2021.09.22 06:59 Redskins1980 Buying groceries makes me feel emasculated: starter pack

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2021.09.22 06:59 BigBoyElijah ✨Obligatory cake day post✨bi boi and gae boi >:3

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2021.09.22 06:59 LostOwl4072Alt W/F/L

Me: NFR Parrot
Them: 2 FR Frost Dragon and FR Crow
View Poll
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2021.09.22 06:59 sephonia0 Mang0 confirmed for Endwalker

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2021.09.22 06:59 TyroneYoloSwagging Change team player color?

Hello i find it very hard to tell which units belong to which player. Is there a toggle like Starcraft for me to see different colors for each player? Thx
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