wats up

2021.09.22 08:12 Alternative-Clue-588 wats up

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2021.09.22 08:12 Shrekominator_3000 K***** in P**** (G I V E M E M Y C U M P A S S)

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2021.09.22 08:12 prawnbiryani πŸ’—β˜πŸ¦πŸŒΈπŸ§πŸ€πŸ¦©

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2021.09.22 08:12 This-Following820 Anyone interested in trading their Evike Weapons cache cards?

Hello, I hope this is okay to post here but im looking to get a Jack of Spades card and i have a Jack of Hearts, 7 of clubs, 8 of hearts and a 9 of clubs im willing to trade.
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2021.09.22 08:12 RealMrJangoon_ Some Plants of the Midworld - Beyond Rimworld Cuisine - u/MrChargeRifle

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2021.09.22 08:12 strawberrysorbett i swear it’s always the people w some cheap ass device who hate the most on apple products 😭

like literally you could be in a 5ft radius of them and it’s like they have this apple sensor inside their brain, and then they go full debate mode about why apple products are horrible for no reasonπŸ˜­πŸ’€like nobody asked bro
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2021.09.22 08:12 FlashyCommand517 Hmu to jerk to her to tribute

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2021.09.22 08:12 jetpack45 Hand / finger stiffness and arm pain

I've had many symptoms of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome for the past year and I've going to an occupational therapist but not I haven't had much luck improving my symptoms. They give me certain stretches but they didn't feel like they helped, kind of felt like it made it worse. I've gotten back + neck + arm + hand stretches but none seem to help. I don't even know if this is related but whenever I extensively use a mouse / game, which I have to since I semi-do it as a job, my fingers (especially pointemiddle) feel really stiff and I can't grip my mouse normal. I normally grip with a claw grip but the tenseness makes it feel impossible, and I can't control it how I normally do. I've gotten 2 EMG's and an ultrasound in the arm for Cubital Tunnel but both came back normal. Not really sure what to do anymore. I can't game for long periods of times and the remedies they give me seem to not even help. It's getting to the point where I can barely grip a mouse because of the tightness / sometimes pain and I'm not sure where to go from here.
I'm a 19yo male and not on any medication.
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2021.09.22 08:12 Metatsunu There is an imposter among the Herrschers of Flamesion

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2021.09.22 08:12 Chieri_ [EDM/Dance] DEEP BASS. 6hr54min.

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2021.09.22 08:12 UwUika Mods don't ban me like those filthy r/therightcantmeme dogs did because i posted this. We must teleport bread.

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2021.09.22 08:12 ExistingHug What is a crombcizzldoosterlemprant?

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2021.09.22 08:12 DriveShafted Having an issue with my contact list, can't send text messages, help please!

I got an Oppo for the first time recently a few weeks ago and so far it's great!
One really frustrating issue though. I can receive texts from numbers which I don't have saved, but when I try to send a text back, it won't let me, as the phone number (e.g 235 305 234) becomes 3 DIFFERENT numbers, 235, 305, and 234 are all seperate and therefore invalid numbers.
When I try to actually save the number as a contact I can't, and when I try to delete the number completely and create a new contact, I can't, and it automatically stays as the three seperate numbers.
Has anyone had this issue? And does anyone have any tips to getting it fixed? It's so damn frustrating as I can't send messages back and I just get the "message failed to send" screen. Ah!!
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2021.09.22 08:12 IgniXAxii Messy hair

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2021.09.22 08:12 Wall_Crawler4567 I'm a Path main rn and I want to get a new legend. Which one? (I like a hot and run technique and a speedy character that can escape easily)

The title says it all
View Poll
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2021.09.22 08:12 CUT-11B How are people playing console already?

Closed beta or something?
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2021.09.22 08:12 best_username0 Remember someone loves you :)) cat does

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2021.09.22 08:12 nenny91 one of my favorite shining nikki songs songs " make a wish " english sub ✨

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2021.09.22 08:12 Ollyoxalls only wants sunshine

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2021.09.22 08:12 LilyMcAllister $30 OFF! [Amazon] Monster Mission V1 Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Built-in Mic Noise Cancelling Gaming Earbuds, Cool Light Effects with Music & Game Modes, 48ms Ultra Low-Latency Gaming Earphones (Gray)

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2021.09.22 08:12 TheSilverStirlingite Would love to help her out of the rest of the suit back in her trailer

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2021.09.22 08:12 phishphishphish420 RUSSIA FLOODED???

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2021.09.22 08:12 SeekingDiscounts_ Crayola Construction Paper 96-Count Pack in Assorted Colors Only $2.46! (Reg. $10.65)

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2021.09.22 08:12 randomly_sus you have a chance to create something that humanity has yet create ,what will you make ?

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2021.09.22 08:12 myaltbecause Kiss and Tell Extended Intro Edit

Not a leak, but thought you all would like this https://vocaroo.com/17CCcScorVdm
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